Jack Black on stage as Dylan Thomas

Hollywood A-lister Jack Black joined the exclusive group of actors who’ve portrayed Dylan Thomas when he took to the stage in Los Angeles on June 14th.

Black took part in a stage reading, at the Geffen Playhouse, of an award-winning screenplay by Melissa Berton. Berton’s ‘Dylan’ was a prize winner at the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest.

Previous stage Dylans include Emlyn Williams, Bob Kingdom, and most notably, Sir Alec Guinness, who won a Tony award in 1964 for his Broadway portrayal in Sidney Michaels’ play Dylan. Big screen Dylans include Matthew Rhys in Edge of Love, Celyn Jones in Set Fire To The Stars, and Rhys Ifans in the as yet unseen Dominion. On the small screen Thomas has been played by Ronald Lacey and most recently by Tom Hollander in A Poet in New York.


Also involved in the reading were Alicia Witt (as Caitlin), US Office actor Rainn Wilson (as Vernon Watkins), Mimi Kennedy (as Dylan’s mother), Deerhunter actor John Savage (as Fred Janes), and Tears for Fears co-founder Curt Smith (as the Narrator). Amy Pietz, who played Gwen Watkins, described the reading as ‘beautiful, emotional and funny’.

Andrew Dally


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