Taking Under Milk Wood to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Part Two


Here’s the latest instalment in the adventures of the theatre students of John Abbott College, who are taking their production of Dylan Thomas’ play Under Milk Wood to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2013. We invited them to write a blog about their experiences and this is part two, from cast member, Natasha La Rosa.

It’s almost time!

5 days until we meet again for our final Montreal company meeting.
9 days until we are all gathered outside Edinburgh University residences, Pollock Halls.
And 13 days until our first performance of Under Milk Wood at our venue: Surgeon’s Hall Grand Theatre

It’s all coming together, and we couldn’t be any more excited!
A couple of our actors, when asked about their excitement and experience had this to say:

Roxane Bailey: “To be able to perform such a wonderful piece, in an International setting, is really an opportunity of a life time at this point in our career. Words can’t express how thrilled I am and how grateful I think we all are to the College for giving us this chance. It’s going to be amazing”.

Robert Francis Laberge: “Excited is an understatement. This is sure to be the most fulfilling experience I’ll have in my life thus far. To perform internationally is a chance many don’t get, and to be given that chance so early in our careers is something else entirely”.

Ilana Zackon: “It’s still really hard to process that our next performance is going to be in Scotland, let alone Europe. To be part of one the largest theatre festivals in the world, among thousands of other Fringe shows, is so unreal. I’m sure it’s going to be an incredible experience”.

Natasha La Rosa: “The days leading up to my arrival in Scotland have been full of excitement. I can’t wait to get off that plane, and experience The Fringe. Traveling with this company is a dream come true, and being given the opportunity to meet people from all around the world is really a once in a lifetime experience”.

So as you see, we are all ready and excited! Some of us have even started packing!!

On the 28th of July we have a final brush up meeting and a short run-through. We have been getting such great feedback in Montreal, and we can’t wait to see what everyone across the pond thinks!!

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